“Mirrored” is my debut EP. I wrote and performed everything on this bad boy.

Matt Pond PA

I recorded this new record with Matt Pond PA both at his studio in Kingston, NY and at my home studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. This was a fun one.

After touring with Matt Pond around the country, we pulled a Postal Service style collaboration. He sent me early versions of the songs that would become “Still Summer”, and I sent back drum ideas. It was a blast to help shape these tunes and then jump into El Studio to record them with producer/engineer/all-time-best-friend Chris Suigura

Still Summer – LP

Skin and Bones – Single
This was a fun one, and one of the first singles off Matt’s album “Still Summer”. I wrote + recorded the drums for this remotely at my home studio

J Hoard

You might remember J Hoard’s voice from Chance The Rapper’s “No Problem”. That’s Jonathan singing the choir part in the chorus. He’s tremendously talented. I was fortunate to work with Greg Seltzer (an excellent producer/ engineer) on this one.

Sirens – Single

Edwin Valero

This project is near and dear to me. I co-wrote these songs with Andrew Nelson and Jess Silva and recorded an EP at Tiny Telephone Studios with Jacob Winik. Whether a melody expressed itself in 4/4 or 7/4, we sought to serve those ideas.


I’ve been playing with DONCAT for years. We’re a band of brothers. Exploring the songs that Duncan Nielsen creates and driving those ideas forward is tremendously rewarding.

Preservation of the Spirit – LP
We recorded this album together at El Studio in San Francisco. Most of the album we tracked live. I remember recording “Everybody Wants To Shake Your Hand” under super hot mics at 1 AM with Duncan, capturing that late night magic. This album is emblematic of the DONCAT squad.

Easy Cowboy – LP
This was the first DONCAT record I played on after joining the band back in 2013.

Satellite Mode

On Satellite Mode’s songs, I try to find the balance and interplay between programmed drum tracks and live drums. Riding that line, and composing for it, is a rewarding challenge.


Mr. Kind – Patience – EP


Mr. Kind – OK – EP


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