First Day With The Roland SPD-SX, Looking Back On Spring and Forward To The Summer

I’m now the proud owner of a Roland SPD-SX. For those who aren’t freakishly obsessed with drum samplers, the SPD-SX is a sampling pad that lets you trigger loops, samples, live sample and play electronic kits in a live setting. It’s basically the unicorn of drum gear.

I got back from the DonCat mini-tour this past weekend and had the pleasure of nerding out on the SPD-SX to a few tunes Jess, Andrew and I are working on. Here’s a video of the results

When on tour, always bring a nerf football.
When on tour, always bring a nerf football.

I’m recording at Tiny Telephone with Jess and Andrew this summer, and also playing a bunch of shows with Debbie Neigher and Split Screens. This summer is shaping up to be a busy one and I’m excited!

Also, check out the full audio from Split Screen’s gig at Bottom Of The Hill here. It was a killer night and we’re stoked to play there again on 4/17.

Daytrotter Video Blog

It finally happened. After months of scheduling, we recorded Daytrotter Sessions as part of Daytrotter’s Noise Pop series. It was a blast drinking way too much coffee and recording with my friends.

Here’s a short blog from the sessions with Debbie Neigher and Split Screens. Enjoy.

Drum Rants

I’m gearing up for tour with Split Screens (check the shows page) and working on new beats and new techniques to stay sharp.

Grooving to a click is key, and getting my dynamics right is as well.

The video shows a few ideas I’ve been kicking around.

Now I’m working out of David Garibald’s “Future Sounds” an old but awesome book.

See you on the road with Split Screens!