I have had the pleasure of recording for, performing with and composing for various artists like Matt Pond PA, Andrew St James, Nataly DawnEzra FurmanHazel EnglishSatellite Mode, DoncatJ HoardBrent WalshBird by BirdFox and WomanEdwin Valero and others.

I serve the song, no matter what. Whether I’m at a session, or on a gig, that’s the goal – to elevate the music. It’s a damn blast to do just that.

I’ve toured nationally with Matt Pond PA, Andrew St James, DONCAT, and others.

I combine a traditional jazz background with new rock approaches, and throw in whatever else inspires me. The more tools and styles to have at your disposal, the better.

I studied under Tito Puente’s trumpet player, Ray Vega, in college pursuing a degree in jazz performance. I currently study under Thomas Pridgen of The Mars Volta and Christian Scott fame.

Contact:  kylekellyyahner@gmail.com or 202 306 0186



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