The Andy Stack Run – Drums + Keys Together

“Surely I can try to do 1/10000000th of what Andy Stack delivers for Wye Oak,” he asked himself, not remembering that pride comes before the fall.

Seeing Wye Oak live a bunch of times, I am spellbound by Andy Stack drumming + playing keys at the same time. This is not a “greater than the sum of its parts” situation. It’s not the multi-tasking that makes me go slack jaw. It’s the conversation between his left hand on the keys and his right on the drums. Each hand has a distinct voice that serves the music beautifully.

I took the one hand drumming for a spin using Ableton + a soft synth arpeggiator. I was surprised how my hi-hat patterns changed unconsciously to suit the melody. I don’t remember making those decisions, they just happened as a result of playing the keys and drums together. I’m looking forward to finding more surprises like that.

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