“Nights” and my unhealthy obsession with Frank Ocean


I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to Blond(e). There are so many gems on the album it’s hard not to parse through it again and again, mining for gems.

“Nights” is a particularly juicy track. It feels like three different songs all originating from the same idea. I really dug the second movement ( if I can call it that) of the song from 1:40 – 2:37.

The beat in that section recalls a classic hip hop beat you might hear on a mid-tempo Gangstarr track, but is much more complex. The bass drum pattern switches from riding shotgun with Frank’s lyrical inflections, to jumping in on a chord change, and at it time does both.

I transcribed the beat and took a crack at it. Here’s the video + transcription.

Have the score played for you here



DONCAT LP #2 – Easy Cowboy

DONCAT‘s second LP is here.

These songs lived with us for a while before we recorded them, and that’s why this record might feel a little more special. They feel like old friends.

I’m tremendously excited the album is out and we’re headed out on the road for a Pacific Northwest run.

You can catch the dates below.