How To Play “Burn The Witch”

Burn The Witch

Radiohead disappeared from the interwebs Sunday, only to come back with a vengeance on Tuesday when they dropped “Burn The Witch” inducing mass hysteria.

I am not above the hysteria. I am enamored with this song.

Chalk it up to Greenwood’s minimalist orchestration, his collection of analog drum samples, or the peaks and valleys of Yorke’s crooning. I won’t be able to pick one. But, I did pick out the drum part and some samples that sound close(ish) to whatever black magic Greenwood is using.

The Samples

I used all analog synth and drum machine samples for the beat. Download them here.

  • Snare – Roland TR606
  • Kick – Jomox Xbase 09
  • Hi Hat – Teenage Engineering OP-1


The Beat

Here’s the beat by itself and the transcription.


The Play Through

Here’s the play through. LP9 can’t get here fast enough.

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