The Rainy Season Of Shedsville

#NoisePop2016 came and went. I had the pleasure of doing my best Matt Johnson (St. Vincent) impression with Debbie Neigher. Now El Nino is pounding SF and the rain has me locked up in my practice space.

Debbie has been crafting some synth heavy songs that are absolute jammers. I listened to a ton of Matt’s drumming to get sounds for the sampler and get a vibe for the gig.

Here’s me in my natural drumming position – mouth agape, staring at a circle or square I will soon hit.


The Shed

With a slow season for gigs, I’m hitting the shed a ton and exploring. To get new practice ideas I’ve been trolling Instagram and transcribing beats from Aaron Steele (Chrome Sparks, Portugal The Man, Alice Smith + many others). His #stockbeats series is a masterclass in feel and brevity.

Here’s Aaron’s beat I covered.

Here’s my cover of it.


Adam Tuminaro aka The Orlando Drummer also has some really killer drills to help coordination around the kit and general chops. The man is a savage as shown by this Instagram video.

If you find yourself wandering through shedsville – say hello. I’ll be posting transcriptions of what I’m practicing along with a few videos of the chops.

Happy playing!