Christopher Hainey: Building Chops and Blending Styles


You know Philosoraptor? The T-rex philosopher? That’s what Maps and Atlases drummer Chris Hainey is like to me. He’s equal parts brain and brawn, and seems like he’s not from this age. He’s also a damn fantastic photographer, just look at his Instagram page.

He comes up with ingenious creative drum parts that draw from influences ranging from marching bands to frenetic afro-cuban rhumba patterns. Then he melds them together in a way that serves the song. He just serves Maps and Atlases’ songs in a different way, slamming sextuplets around the kit at a blistering pace while playing in 7/4.

That’s the case for the song “Everyplace Is A House” In six bars, Chris does a whole lot of work. Here’s the part we’ll be covering – the bridge. After the fold, I’ll show you how to play it in a video tutorial, along with a transcription.

Pssst – check out the homie, Evan Chapman’s incredible drum cover of this for the whole thing.

Here’s How To Play That Madness

Behold – my first hastily thrown together tutorial.

Here’s the transcription.

ChrisHaineyYou’ll need your rudimental chops for this one, good luck!

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