Give The (Little) Drummer Some

I played a private gig with DonCat this weekend. Grown men and women danced and drank during our set. They were incredibly welcoming, and knew all of DonCat’s songs.

But, at the front of the crowd was a little girl, air drumming for her life, and making these faces that only a drummer can make. They’re the types of faces that make you question if the person donning them is gravely injured or having the time of their life. But you’re sure it’s one of the two.

It was clear the girl wants to drum. So after we finished the gig, I gave her some sticks and sat her behind the kit. It was adorable. I told her to keep the drumsticks, and she ran around the party drumming on everything – people, tables, drum cases, beer bottles. Let’s just hope she tries her hand at some rudiments too.

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