DonCat Goes To Shredsville, Split Screens Goes On Tour

DonCat Crowd

At 8:28 PM, Duncan, Jesse, Chris and I all paced around. Duncan was doing vocal warm ups. I drummed on empty boxes in the hoarder-esque backroom of Rickshaw before our set with DonCat. In 60 seconds it was time. We walked out at 8:29 to an absolutely packed room. We walked off stage at 9:01. The gig was a whirlwind.

We’ve been working real hard on the new album, Easy Cowboy, which is coming out next year. It’s always a pleasure to play these new songs, especially for such a supportive crowd.

Split Screens Tour
SplitScreensTourAs if Chris and Jesse didn’t spend enough time together as the rhythm section of DonCat. Now, we’re going full steam with Split Screens. It’s time to get in gear for the Split Screens tour. We’ll be going all the way down the coast to Tijuana and all the way back up to Portland. I don’t know what’ll happen in between those two stops. But I can guarantee I’ll be full of coffee + burritos and I’ll spend too much money at Revival Drum Shop in Portland.

See you on the road!

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