Mistakes I’ve Made On The Road And Lessons I Should Have Learned


Ahoy. I’m on tour and currently driving through some suburban town in Colorado on the way to Denver. I’ve been on the road for almost a month at this point. It’s been super fun, rewarding, super tiring and everything in between. As a noob to longer tours, I learned a few no-brainers about touring the hard way.

Fast Food is Delicious, Delicious Poison. Salads Are A Necessary Evil

I knew fast food was poison before going on the road. I read much better, more informative tour blogs that plainly state fast food is poison and you shouldn’t eat it on the road. But…chicken nuggets.

Shawn Alpay said to me “tour is a marathon not a sprint” one morning in a Hampton Inn and Suites in godknowswhere, Connecticut. I had no idea why I felt like crap. Maybe it was the nuggets, Maybe it was the fact I sweat out a pound of water on stage and didn’t rehydrate after the gig. Maybe it was because I thought I could rehydrate with IPAs.

Drink water. Eat salads when you can (hat tip to Rob Spectre). Workout if the hotel has a gym. Sleep more. Sleep again.

Be Ready To Roll 

When you check into a hotel, don’t scatter your clothes everywhere. Take out your clothes for that night’s gig. Pack em in you backpack you’re bringing to the gig. There is no way in hell you’ll pack in the morning before van call at 8 AM, after getting into the hotel from the gig at 1am. Don’t do it. Don’t stress. Just stay packed.

Put Your Phone Away When You Get To The Gig

C’mon, you’re not texting anyone about how load-in is going.

Be Positive

Sure, you didn’t get the Americano you want. You didn’t get enough sleep. It doesn’t matter. You get to play a rock show, so go our there and be happy you get to do so. Carry good vibes to the stage and get it done.

That’s all I got so far.

See you on the road.