June: The Month of Recording, Gigs and Drum Whoredom

cacGreat googly moogly June is busy. I will make it out of this month on the coattails of Americanos and post-band practice burritos.

For starters, I recorded 3 songs with Jess Silva and Andrew Nelson at Tiny Telephone Studios with the wonderful Jacob Winik behind the boards. We’re working on mixing/mastering that now.

For the rest of the month, I am a drum whore. I’m playing with Edwin Valero (Jess & Andrew), DonCat, Split Screens and Debbie Neigher. Here are the gigs:

10014579_10152300431937767_2131227472_n 6.12 – Secret Show w/ Debbie Neigher (shhh only the coolest kids know about it)
doncat6.18 – Hotel Cafe w/ DonCat (you know you want to drive to LA to see us play. I mean, look at Duncan’s mustache. That’s worth the trip right there)  [tix]

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 11.40.38 AM6.22 – North Beach Bacchanalia Festival at The Emerald Tablet w/ Edwin Valero (come see us perform the songs we recorded) [info]

628x4716.24 – Amnesia w/ Split Screens (we’re playing with Picture Atlantic + Rin Tin Tiger aka the solidest bands ever) [info]

doncat6.27 – Slims w/ DonCat (Did I mention Duncan’s mustache already? Come for that.) [tix]

10014579_10152300431937767_2131227472_n6.29 – Brick and Mortar w/ Debbie Neigher (we’re playing with our buds Rio Rio + Ghost Town Jenny) [tix]


Thus concludes my drum whoredom for the month of June. Stay tuned for more shows, lessons and whoredom.  


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