First Day With The Roland SPD-SX, Looking Back On Spring and Forward To The Summer

I’m now the proud owner of a Roland SPD-SX. For those who aren’t freakishly obsessed with drum samplers, the SPD-SX is a sampling pad that lets you trigger loops, samples, live sample and play electronic kits in a live setting. It’s basically the unicorn of drum gear.

I got back from the DonCat mini-tour this past weekend and had the pleasure of nerding out on the SPD-SX to a few tunes Jess, Andrew and I are working on. Here’s a video of the results

When on tour, always bring a nerf football.
When on tour, always bring a nerf football.

I’m recording at Tiny Telephone with Jess and Andrew this summer, and also playing a bunch of shows with Debbie Neigher and Split Screens. This summer is shaping up to be a busy one and I’m excited!

Also, check out the full audio from Split Screen’s gig at Bottom Of The Hill here. It was a killer night and we’re stoked to play there again on 4/17.