Dear Piano Gods, Give Me Strength

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Dear God I forgot how hard writing music is.  Playing piano is difficult and as a short dude who never grew up to be 6′ 1″ like his Dad and therefore still has “puppy paws”,  it’s harder. That’s my absolutely terrible excuse. My friends call me out on my excuses and that’s what makes them good friends and bandmates. Over the past two months, playing shows with  Debbie NeigherFox and Woman, and Split Screens have made me realize two things.
1. I have insanely talented friends that I’m stoked to be playing music with

2. Writing music makes you better at your instrument (even a caveman instrument like drums).

So, for the past few weeks I’ve been trying to write a few songs I can record drums to. Yes, they are mostly in 7/4. No, I’m not singing (I reserve my dulcet vocal tracks for behind the drum set when I sing off-key to a harmony part I don’t actually know). And no, I’m not recording in a studio. These tracks will be videos and they’ll be up on SoundCloud.

The first song will be done in the second week of September. Until then, please give me piano lessons and correct my harmony mistakes. Thanks!
(Also peep the shows page for two new shows with Split Screens and Debbie Neigher in September.)