Call Your Girlfriend. Also, Call Me On Tour

Haven’t updated y’all in a while. Here’s the rundown.

After playing a bunch of local shows and working on new material, Split Screens heading out on our first tour! The dates are posted on my Shows page. We hope to see you there!

Mr. Kind is cranking out new tunes. We just hit the studio and recorded two new tracks that will be released shortly. Here are some photos from the studio.




It was the first time I recorded on my new Ludwig (which is actually over 60 years old) and it sounded great. Thanks to Revival Drum Shop for hooking me up with a new Istanbul Om 22″ ride, and Slingerland snare from the 1950s!

Also, I pushed out another drum cover. This time, I covered my guilty pleasure song “Call Your Girlfriend” by Robyn. I can’t not drum to that. Man, my grammar is impeccable. Here’s the video:

Hope to see you guys on the road!

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