Triple Duty

Next week I’m pulling triple duty, which is fitting because I’m a triplet. Terrible pun. Sorry, on to the news.

I’ll be playing with Mr. Kind, Split Screens, and Ezra Furman. 3 bands 2 days. Here’s the rundown:

Mr. Kind will be playing a cozy venue in the Mission, The Lost Church. This show will be intimate and feature Mr. Jesse Cafiero (the driving force behind Split Screens) on upright bass.

Split Screens is the solo project of Jesse Cafiero that I have the good fortune of playing in. After recording Split Screens’ EP with Rory O’ Connor (Tycho, Com Truise) Jesse’s finally releasing his lovechild to the world. By that I mean iTunes. The EP comes out Dec 4th and we’ll be celebrating its release on Thursday.

Ezra Furman is back from a European tour with Nada Surf which can only be adequately recapped by Ezra himself on his blog. We’ll be headlining the bill at Brick and Mortar.

In other random news, I’m recording my EP in December. Yes, I sometimes attempt to play piano and play a “real instrument” other than drums.

See you at the gig!

One thought on “Triple Duty

  1. Hi Kyle: I am really happy to see you are doing well and I wish you great success on your upcoming tour. If you ever get back to Field I would love to see you.
    Warm regards,

    Dr. K.

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