Tour Time



It seems like I was on tour yesterday. I set out for 5 days on the road with Ezra Furman, and that was a freaking blast. Pamona College was awesome (most hospitable people ever). In San Diego, we met fans that drove from Vegas to San Diego to catch us play, and another pair of fans that drove from 4 hours away to see us play. In LA, we played to over 200 people at the Satellite Bar and I stared out at an audience singing along every word to every song. Surreal doesn’t cut it. The experience was jarring in the best possible way. 

Now, I’m setting out on tour again with my boys Mr. Kind. Unfortunately, I missed the first gig in SLO, but this just makes me hungrier to get out there and get playing. Fueling our tour will be a plentiful supply of podcasts, Cliff bars, coffee and rambling stories. We’ll be hitting Frazier Park, Valencia, Modesto and San Jose. I’ll keep a daily-ish recap of each day. Until then, onward and upward and peep the updated shows page to see the next Mr. Kind, Split Screens, and Ezra Furman gigs! 

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