Past Shows, Future Shows, and Taming Tendonitis

I have conquered tendonitis, or at least kept it at bay so that it’s virtually non existent. I’d like to thank fish oil pills, glutamine supplements, ibuprofen, and protein shakes. I may be 23 years old, but sometimes I feel 100 years old having tendonitis. Good news is, I’m staying healthy.

In much more interesting news, the Mr. Kind EP release is less than two weeks away! We’ve also been nominated as “Artist of the Month” by SF Deli. Vote here!

In the next two weeks we will be scrutinizing harmony parts to oblivion and fine tuning our set. To say I’m excited is a colossal understatement. We have worked so hard in pre-production, recording the EP, and honing our sound that July 27th cannot come soon enough. You can listen to our EP here.

My show with Bird by Bird at The New Parish went extremely well. Thank you to all who came out. We will be playing more shows in the fall and even doing more recording!

Split Screens is gearing up for our August 8th show at Brick and Mortar. We are also playing at Sophia’s Kitchen in September.

There’s a lot on the horizon. I just updated the shows page, so check out the new listings and come hear some good music!