Shows, Records, Bands, Oh My!


I thought I was busy before– that was nothing. I’m extremely happy to have the opportunity to play with such great musicians, and play out so frequently. I’m playing a shitload of shows so check out my calendar in the Shows section. Now, on to the news.

  • Brian Bergeron’s new EP is tracked! We are releasing it under the name Mr. Kind. Check it out on Facebook, and Twitter. We will be launching a new site for the band on June 15th. New singles will be dropping, we filmed a music video, and we are playing our EP release show on July 27th at Hotel Utah. 
  • I will be playing with Bird By Bird on July 5th at The New Parish! Jon Devoto (guitarist in Mr. Kind), is a wonderful songwriter and Bird by Bird is his musical love child. We are taking to the stage and opening up for Thirstbusters.
  • I will be playing with a whole host of top-notch, first-call musicians on August 8th. Jesse Cafiero recorded some fantastic music as Split Screens. I will be playing drums in Split Screens’ debut show on August 8th.
  • I am playing with Buckeye Knoll in Napa July 6th and 7th. We are playing Cheers! St. Helena on the 6th and a beautiful venue by the name of The White Barn on the 7th. Check out those guys here.

Thanks for reading and come out to some shows!