Busy, busy, busy.

I am working on pre-production for Brian Bergeron’s new EP. This involves scrutinizing every little detail, transcribing beats and constantly tweaking our sound. We record next Monday and I am excited to get into the studio.

I also have been working on a few 5/4 grooves, countering the 4/4 against the 5/4. Check out a little sample from my latest shed session.


Blowing Up!

I anticipated that there would be many opportunities to play great music out West, but not this many. I feel beyond lucky to play with such quality musicians. Now, to the news.

  • I will be rehearsing my face off with Brian Bergeron, Jon Devoto and Matt Roads in anticipation of recording with Brian Bergeron in May for his new EP!
  • I am playing a litany of gigs with Brian, all of which are posted in the shows page here.
  • A little bird tells me I will (most likely) be playing with Ezra Furman in Southern California this summer.

There will be more announcements/media on my site as I get closer to recording dates and gig dates. Thanks for reading!